Bitknock - Start Mining Today

If you are a new member here, be sure to go through all the SETUP Videos below for a STEP by STEP process to your Bitcoin Mining Machine!

STEP 1: How to register with Bitknock

Click on this link to register your Bitknock account

STEP 2: How to buy bitcoins in South Africa and upload it into Bitknock

If you are in South Africa, only use a XAPO Wallet to fund your Bitknock Account.
For more information on how to open and activate your XAPO Wallet, Click Here

STEP 3: How to activate your Bitknock account and buy a contract

STEP 4: How to start mining in Bitknock

STEP 5: Buying more Bitknock contracts

STEP 6: Matrix Bonus and How to transfer money

Still confused. No Hussle, just contact us and we shall put your through Step BY Step.
Once you have opened you mining account with bitknock, contact us and we shall add you to our private FB Group.

Special thanks to a Great Leader Tony De Gouveia for making and compiling these videos

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